The Chinese government is under international scrutiny for its use of these camps in Xinjiang, where the watchdog group Human.

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Conditions were so deplorable that some 28,000 women and children — almost a quarter of those confined — “died in the concentration camps, the majority from epidemics of measles and typhoid,” wrote.

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(JTA) — At least five American Jewish organizations and two public figures think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was wrong to compare migrant detention centers on the southern border to concentration camps.

To convince the International Red Cross that the Jewish captives were being treated well, the Third Reich allowed them to.

. Democrats “cheapened” the memory of Holocaust victims by comparing their conditions to those of migrants at detention centers. Critics of the “concentration camp” terminology argue that it’s.

But concentration camps are disturbingly normal in this modern era. While conspiracy theorists blame the spread of the disease on the migrants themselves, research indicates that severe.

But the most that argument can prove is that concentration camp conditions are not as serious an offense as they were in Germany to Jews or in the United States to Japanese. It does not prove that.

This week, the Trump Administration declared that immigrant children can be detained indefinitely, and in conditions that can.

“This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying," she.

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"This is clearly not a concentration camp," Albence said, referring to the "ugly rhetoric. Chickenpox, the flu and other.

"This is clearly not a concentration camp," Albence said, referring to the "ugly rhetoric. Chickenpox, the flu and other.

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Cattle carts were not yet used for deportations – this would start a few months later when women and children arrived at.

What is a concentration camp? NPR’s history podcast Throughline examines one. Emily manages to get access to several camps – the whole time, she’s documenting the conditions. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC).

claiming that India’s prime minister has turned a vast section of the disputed Muslim majority region into “practically a.

. Holocaust and survivors by inappropriately invoking the term concentration camp and fail to appreciate why it’s so hurtful. An internment camp, even with appalling ‘living’ conditions, is not a.

This week, the Trump Administration declared that immigrant children can be detained indefinitely, and in conditions that can be described as concentration camps. We talk to Sasha Abramsky of The.

At the same time, it will remove the ability of designated lawyers, who have a mandate under Flores to monitor the conditions.

Sleeping conditions can be harsh, and it was White House policy. Still, no random executions, no torture and no electrified fencing. Atrocious, but not a concentration camp. Ever since the end of.

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Q: Poland was reoccupied after the war and couldn’t negotiate independently the conditions of peace with Germany. But,